Message from the Pastor

Welcome to the new season! Winter has faded and spring has come, Rejoice and be glad, God makes all things new.

Look for ways to renew relationships with Family, Friends, and Coworkers and most importantly with God.

Sometimes we for get to seek God first in all things. Make it a renewed effort to be intentional about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Easter is the time to remember that Christ gave everything to have a relationship with us, so now it’s our chance to renew and restore our closeness to the one who gives resurrection power.

This Easter take time to remember all of those who live to serve others; the military and their families, first responders, medical staff, teachers and all who sacrifice for the good of others. May Easter remind you to be truly thankful for God’s Great love for us and the opportunities we have been given to love each other with that same power. Happy Easter!

Pastor Warren