Message from the Pastor

Greetings Everyone!

As we enter the season of fall, let’s rejoice at the wonderful changes that God is making. School is in full swing, folks are back at their regular schedules and the temperatures are finally starting to drop.

Halloween will soon be here, and then before you know it, Thanksgiving. Celebrate the changes of the season and the changes in your life. God is the only one that does not change. We can always count on God and his word to sustain us in this ever changing world. As we celebrate, or mourn the many changes in our lives, let us always rejoice in God’s unchanging Love.

Don’t like change; then stick with the never changing, always loving, helping, saving Lord of All! JESUS CHRIST.

Demonstrate that never changing love from God by sharing it with all the folks you encounter.

Grace and Peace in the Name of our Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ!

Pastor Warren